Joy to the World?

As I sat reading the USA today at McDonalds this morning I happened to glance at an advertisement. It is for “Joy to the World” an ABC Christmas Special sponsored by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It says they will “Repeat the sounding joy through the sights and sounds of six culturally unique Christmas worship celebrations. Tune in as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America brings Joy to the World.” You can find more information here. Now I haven’t had the chance to watch the video promo they provide for two reasons. One, I’m at home and have horrible internet service and two, I hate real player. Please… if you even feel the need to produce something in real player… don’t. Spend a little extra time and do it in windows movie format or even better… do it in QuickTime.

Okay… back to the topic at hand. Where is Jesus? The ad doesn’t reference Jesus Christ or even the Holy Scriptures. Something like this would have been nice: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. (John 1:14)” or “Unto you is born … a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:11)” Maybe I’m being picky or cynical. Maybe I have it out for the ELCA. However the question still remains, “Where is Jesus.” The Rev. Paul McCain asks this question on his blog. You can find his discussion here. While he is addressing the errors of Calvinism the point comes across loud and clear. We need to this Advent season ask the question, “Where is Jesus?”


7 Responses

  1. Maybe you have it out for the ELCA? Maybe??? I don’t think the maybe belongs in that sentence.

  2. Jesus is about as much a part of the christian Christmas as he is a part of Halloween. “Joy to the world” itself is a reference to Jesus for anyone who’s actually heard the song. Maybe the ELCA is going about it with a little more subtlety than just saying “JESUS JESUS JESUS THIS SUNDAY ON ABC!”

  3. My butt smells

  4. justify the comment about Jesus is about as much a part of the Christian Christmas as he is a part of halloween

  5. Steve… if you would just learn to wipe..

  6. Ask your average christian what they think about when they hear the word Christmas. It’ll be santa and presents before Jesus. He’s the reason for the season but we have fashioned a lot of distractions

  7. I agree Elliott. We have managed to fashion a lot of different distractions from the holiday.

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