Be an organ donor, give your heart to Jesus


Yes… that’s right…. the United Methodist Church in California, Missouri wants YOU to be an organ donor.

What is sad is that I’m sure this sign could be found on an LCMS church sign somewhere in the country. It sounds hip… it sounds so perfect….. give your heart to Jesus! It is so appealing to have some control over this. What is also sad is that this particular church in California, MO belongs to the larger United Methodist Church. This same church promotes infant Baptism on their site. How can an infant give their heart to Jesus? They also have a more in depth discussion of the topic here.

I leave you now with a bit of Luther who so keenly addresses the idea that we can “give our hearts to Jesus.” When you click on the link below scroll down until you get to the third article of the Apostle’s Creed.

Luther’s Small Catechism

A far more in depth discussion of Luther’s understanding of our ability to “give our hearts to Jesus” is found in his Large Catechism.

Luther’s Large Catechism


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