Santa is coming!!!


This post should have been done before Christmas but I had other things to do.

I saw this sign and honestly nearly slammed on the brakes of my car… got out… and went and smacked the pastor upside the head. Of course… this Disciples of Christ church has a female pastor… so that wouldn’t be cool. Instead I just kept it inside.

What is this church and their pastor thinking? You would think that in Small Town, USA we would hopefully be somewhat secluded from this kind of thing. You would also think that a church that is so proud to say “No Creed but the Bible” would be free of such stupid statements. What point does it serve to say that “Santa is coming.” Will it attract new members, does it proclaim the message of the coming Savior? NO! This pastor in an effort to be relevant and fun has completely missed a chance to proclaim Christ and His message of salvation. For shame…..


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