– Views – Junk Science – Trillion-Dollar Radiation Mistake? – Views – Junk Science – Trillion-Dollar Radiation Mistake?: “A federal research panel last week concluded that there is no safe exposure to radiation. It’s a conclusion based on assumptions about cancer that may be all wrong and in very costly ways. “

What crap! If there is no safe exposure to radiation then we all better bend over and grab our ankles. Do some research in the library or on any number of university or governmental sites and you can find some interesting statistics about radiation. Most people don’t realize it, but you actually are exposed to more radiation annually by living close to a coal power plant than you are by living the same distance from a nuclear plant. Also, you are exposed to radiation daily by living in a brick home or by sitting in front of a computer all the time. Wait… there’s more! Best not live in Colorado if there is no safe exposure to radiation. You receive a far greater radiation dose in Colorado because of the rocky topography and the higher elevation than you do in Florida. But guess what… cancer rates are higher in Florida.

Basically… some idiotic environmentalists are spouting off facts to scare people. This comes at a time when we are having the greatest push in years for more nuclear power plants to be built. Let’s build them. They are more efficient. They don’t polute. The chance for any amount of radiation to be released is so small that i have a better chance or walking outside right now and getting hit by a car than I do of ever being exposed to a potentially harmful dose of radiation!

Go Nuke!


2 Responses

  1. Of course, you get a good jolt of radiation when you eat a banana as well. Fucking retards afraid of nuke plants because other fucking retards tell them that nuclear fallout will happen. Fucking retards all over the place

  2. The sun gives radiation, hence the high cancer rates in Florida. That, and the old people. Old people are attracted to cancer like moths to a flame. It’s scientific.

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