Another means to procrastinate…

So I have found another way to procrastinate… or is it a more efficent way??

If you go to this site you can sign up for their free service. Basically the site helps a person manage what they read on the internet. You can put in feeds (rss, xml, etc) and it will automatically pull in all the new postings from the sites you have in your listing. This includes news sites, comics (Dilbert), xangas, livejournals, and bloggers. Even if the site you want doesn’t have a feed specified, it can actually find it for you. I will admit that I am an information junkie… and this just helps manage my habit….


2 Responses

  1. Just wondering are you student teaching this semester, or do you just go in your jeans and play?! 😉

  2. blah blah blah ester

    You are just pissy because my school has a relaxed dress code 🙂

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