In Baltimore

I have arrived in Baltimore! I actually started at Baltimore Lutheran School today. I came into town on Saturday around noon after driving about 1300 miles. I got to see Lisa’s family along the way which was very nice as always. Yesterday was spent getting ready and resting. Brady, one of the theology teachers at the school (who is friend’s with my host family) took me around the school so I didn’t go in totally blind today. I’ve had lots of fun with my host family. They have an 8-month old son Noah who is fun to play with (I know Lisa is jealous).

While I’m out here it looks like I’ll be teaching freshman American Government, sophomore World History, freshman religion (New Testament), and senior religion. I’m also helping with the golf team, maybe the band, and with chapel. I’m helping chaperone a trip to D.C. on Thursday. We are going with the freshman class (and some seniors) to the capital and also to the National Archives. Wahoo for a free trip. This weekend we might be going to the National Cathedral with one of the student teachers who wants to see his brother sing there.

All in all… things are going very well. It is absolutely beautiful out here. The only thing missing is Lisa. But… I won’t have to worry about that for long since the wedding is fast approaching! 🙂


2 Responses

  1. So it’s now Saturday, how was your first week?

  2. I’ll post about it today or tomorrow.

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