Mr. Powell goes to Washington

As many of you know I’m currently student teaching at Baltimore Lutheran School. I am working with two cooperating teachers in both the social studies and religion deptartments. My finalized schedule is two sections of sophomore World History, one section of freshman American Government, three sections of senior religion, and one section of freshman religion covering the New Testament.

I arrived last Saturday after a 1200+ mile drive from Nebraska. No major problems along the way. I started up right away on Monday observing all my classes. I also had the opportunity later in the week to wander around to the other theology classes and observe things. My cooperating teachers are both excellent, but have very different styles. My religion c0-op has been in the classroom for a very long time, is very informal, and the classroom is very “loose” in terms of structure. It works very well for him. My social studies co-op is the exact opposite in the classroom, and it works very well for him. I think I’ll fit in just fine. The rest of the staff is awesome. There is a good mix of older and younger teachers including people that I knew from Seward. The younger teachers (plus some of the older ones) go to a pseudo-pub type place every Tuesday night to relax and grade papers. When I say every Tuesday, I mean they haven’t missed a night since September. They are very serious about this stuff! 🙂 All of the teachers treat us incredibly well and are willing to do anything to help us settle in.

My host family is very nice. They feed me way to much and I have free reign of the house. They have a wonderful 8-month old son who is a blast to play with. They are worried that he wakes me up at night and I’m worried that I wake him up in the morning since I get up so early. It all evens out. Speaking of the early mornings…. the traffic stinks pretty much. I’m basically “used” to it now… if you ever can be. After school it looks like I’ll be helping with a play and also with a bit of the golf team… plus other odds and ends.

As the title of this post says, I went to Washington, D.C. this past week on a field trip with some freshmen and seniors. We had an excellent trip and got to sit in on some debate in the House of Representatives. Interesting facts… did you know that the chairs for the representatives are bullet-proof, that there are gas masks under every chair, and that the flag behind the speakers chair was flown on the moon? I learned all that on the trip. We also had the opportunity to meet two representatives and tour the National Archives. Today, Maura and I went to Ft. Sumter and ran into a park ranger who is related to a retired CUNE professor. Small world. We also saw Federal Hill in Baltimore and walked around the inner harbor area. Tomorrow some of the other student teachers and myself will go to the National Cathedral to see Valpo’s choir do the choral prelude and then spend some time exploring around the National Mall.

Okay… i’m out. Heading to one of the teacher’s house for dinner probably.


6 Responses

  1. *sigh* Imagine if Sam were president…

  2. Sam, I love you. We joked about you this weekend and your knowing everyone Samness–but it was only b/c we missed you. And I’ve decided that HP can’t close. It just can’t.

  3. Oh, and I can’t believe you’re were a tie. 😉 Someone finally has to look nice for student teaching apparently.

  4. It was nice to get your email today about templates and to consequently find my way to your blog. I really don’t get out much into the Lutheran blogosphere. I’m just trying to get the job done in my vocations and once in a while post something myself. I’ll try to add your blog to our roll, if I can recall the necessary voodoo….

    I would love to teach in a Lutheran school some day, as long as I could find out that likes the Bible, the Small Catechism, the historic liturgy, hymns, reading, and thinking. Things like that.

    Actually, the three of us at our blog have had pretty diverse experiences in and with many kinds of educational settings: homeschooling auf Deutsch, homeschooking auf Englisch, teaching in Europe, founding a very successful Michigan charter school, teaching in public schools, being a student in Lutheran schools, trying and failing to raise support to teach MK’s, earning degrees in both state and “Evangelical” universities and colleges, studing in Germany and Austria, etc. We also have had close encounters of the Hillsdale College kind. We have many stories and opinions. One of these days we’ll see what conclusions we can arrive at.

    But I sure do with that I could teach in a real here-I-stand Lutheran school some day. I wonder how many are out there.

    Have fun! It sounds like you have a great situation for your first days of teaching.



  5. Heh: “homeschooking”

    I like it!

  6. Tim,
    Thanks for the comments. I really enjoying Beggars All a lot. Teaching out here is excellent. I can only one day hope to make it back out here to teach religion after I finish my “time” at the seminary. However, one never knows where one might end up after call day.

    Thanks again for your comments!


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