Chainsaw and a Gun!

Since I’m just working around the farm here (no animals… well… two dogs.. just 50 acres of land) until the wedding I’ve been doing lots of odd jobs. My mom has had me cleaning windows both inside and out and just sorting 22 years of my accumulation. This has also been mandated by my fiance. She doesn’t want me bringing all of my books. I’m actually looking forward to finally cataloging all my books when I get to St. Louis. I’m probably going to get this program to do it.

Okay… back to the title. Today was a fun day. I got to climb a ladder to get some limbs way up in a tree that needed to come down. To get all the way up in the tree I had to use one of those tree pruning poles that gave me another 15 feet of reach. Yes… it was a big tree. Then I got to use the chainsaw to cut up the limbs. This is in preparation to have the Mennonites come and install another metal shed on our property. Next up was sighting in my .22. Ah… what a stress reliever. My neighbors probably were wondering what was going on… but oh well. The best thing about where we live is that when I saw neighbor I’m talking about 300 yards through heavy woods or about half a mile by gravel roads. I love where I live!


3 Responses

  1. Oh, THAT’s who I know in Illinois. Got your wedding invite, hooray!

  2. Hey did I leave you a comment on here? Did you delete it I finally left on that wasn’t anonymous and you delete it. So you’re home eh? Thats fun I’m here all the time so I’m used to it but good luck with the mennonites and the chainsaw and guns . . . does not sound like a good combo. ok bye now
    ps got the wedding invite–you’re getting married?
    pps jk

  3. Dude, just up for Library Thing instead.

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