I Got a Mac!!!

Yes… I have removed myself from the reign of the Dark Lord Gates. I had been contemplating the move since last fall when I had the opportunity to work with some heavy duty video editing software on a PowerMac Dual processor G5. It was amazing. Thus, about two weeks ago, I purchased a MacBook. Mine has a 2.0 GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM, and a 60 GAB hard drive. Unfortunately, I immediately had problems with some of my accessories. I purchased the MacBook from the University of Missouri bookstore and it came with a bunch of add-ons including a laptop lock. Thinking that I should try it out before I move to St. Louis, I slipped the lock into the mac…. and it wouldn’t come out. I struggled with it, and eventually gave up. I took it into TigerTech and they worked for two days to remove it. Finally, it came out. I wasn’t charged anything even though the lock fell outside of my warranty. The lock company even has sent me a care package for my troubles because of their defective lock. I actually returned the lock… I just won’t leave my MacBook around.

All I have to say is that the MacBook is amazing. It is super fast, the new keyboard style is great, and these standard programs simply stomp anything from the windows world into the ground. I can do blogging, podcasting, video podcasts, music creation, HD movie creation, and professional DVDs, all standard!! How sweet is that?