Home in St. Louis

Lisa and I are finally home for at least two straight weeks in St. Louis. We were gone two weekends ago to a reception my mom through in California, MO (my hometown). This past weekend we were gone to the wedding of my college roomate (all four years). It was held in Cedar Rapids and the reception was in the Amana Colonies. Mmmm…. good food. I had the opportunity to meet Christopher Gillespie from Outer Rim Territories. This was the first Lutheran blogger that I’ve met in person. That was cool. We also had the chance to decorate my old roomates car. I think it turned out very nice. I’ll try to post some pictures soon. Some will say we were cruel. I say it was payback… he was my best man a month ago and he did a “nice” job on our car. 🙂


The Wedding Post

I promised long ago to blog about the wedding… so here goes…

The planning for our wedding began a long time ago. Before we were actually engaged in fact. Lisa took a class at CUW on marriage and the family and int his course she was required to “design” her future wedding. I volunteered to do the wedding service. This was at the time that the new hymnal was still under development. Basically I took the LSB service and just added things into it (altar call, ritual cleansing, sealing to one’s parents, etc). Okay… yeah… not really. I did add some things in including a procession of a wedding banner, three hymns, and a procession of the Cross.

This is where things got interesting. The big question was, “Where does the cross come in?” That’s the big problem, if the cross were to come in at the beginning of the service, it is completely overshadowed by everyone that comes in after it, including the bride. Sooo… we had to fix that. Basically the procession went like this, grandparents, mothers of the bride and groom, wedding banner, wedding party, the Bride (my lovely Lisa), and THEN the Cross. The cross came in during the singing of “Hallelujah, Let Praises Ring.” Did you know that “Hallelujah, Let Praises Ring” was written as part of a Bridal Mass (Fun Fact from the Handbook to the Lutheran Hymnal). I think the procession worked very well and was very reverent.

Then we had the invocation, address to the bride and groom, Scripture readings (our confirmation verses and Matthew 28:19-20). We chose the Great Commission because of it’s focus on Baptism and Christ’s promise to be with us always. Lisa’s pastor did an excellent job of pointing us back to our Baptisms. After this we had the vows, exchange of rings, lighting of the unity candle, the singing of “Go, My Children With My Blessing,” prayers, singing of “Children of the Heavenly Father,” and the Benediction. We recessed to BWV 615, In dir ist Freude (In Thee is Joy) by JS Bach from his Orgel-Buchlein and written for New Years. The postlude was Karg’s version of Now Thank We All Our God.

It was a wonderful, fun, wedding service. The singing was incredible. I say this because I had been warned not to expect a lot after coming from a Concordia where the singing is wonderful. However, the congregation really sang their hearts out and I will forever remember these words:

Alleluia! Let praises ring!
To God the Father let us bring
Our songs of adoration.
To him through everlasting days
Be worship, honor, power, and praise,
Whose hand sustains creation.
Singing, Ringing:
Holy, Holy,
God is holy;
Spread the story
Of our God, the Lord of glory.

Alleluia! Let praises ring!
Unto the Lamb of God we sing,
In whom we are elected.
He bought his Church with his own blood,
He cleansed her in that blessed flood,
And as his bride selected.
Holy, Holy
Is our union
And communion.
His befriending
Gives us joy and peace unending.

Alleluia! Let praises ring!
Unto the Holy Ghost we sing
For our regeneration.
The saving faith in us he wrought
And us unto the Bridegroom brought
Made us his chosen nation.
Glory! Glory!
Joy eternal,
Bliss supernal;
There is manna
And an endless, glad hosanna.

Alleluia! Let praises ring!
Unto our triune God we sing;
Blest be his name forever!
With angel hosts let us adore
And sing his praises more and more
For all his grace and favor!
Singing, Ringing:
Holy, Holy,
God is holy;
Spread the story
Of our God, the Lord of glory!

I’m back…

and I’m married! Yup, that’s right… there is now a Mrs. Powell!

The wedding was amazing. I’ll try to blog about the service later. All I can say is that it went off without a hitch. Probably the best part was the music and the wonderful liturgy (from LSB).

Hawaii was great too. Pearl Harbor. Volcanoes. Swimming. What more can I say?

Now we are in St. Louis and unpacking and cleaning. Lisa starts at Salem Lutheran School in Blackjack. She starts setting up her classroom tomorrow.

Okay… I’m out…