Home in St. Louis

Lisa and I are finally home for at least two straight weeks in St. Louis. We were gone two weekends ago to a reception my mom through in California, MO (my hometown). This past weekend we were gone to the wedding of my college roomate (all four years). It was held in Cedar Rapids and the reception was in the Amana Colonies. Mmmm…. good food. I had the opportunity to meet Christopher Gillespie from Outer Rim Territories. This was the first Lutheran blogger that I’ve met in person. That was cool. We also had the chance to decorate my old roomates car. I think it turned out very nice. I’ll try to post some pictures soon. Some will say we were cruel. I say it was payback… he was my best man a month ago and he did a “nice” job on our car. 🙂


4 Responses

  1. California, eh? Not too far away. I really like and respect your pastor.

  2. We did a nice job on your car, we did something amazing to Matt’s car.

  3. I like you Sam Powell.

  4. Good to meet you as well! Sorry our conversation was cut short for the festvities… I was curious about the scuttlebutt on our fellow blogger. Oh well…

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