Concordia Seminary and iTunes

If you haven’t heard already Concordia Seminary has partnered with Apple to get set up on iTunes U. You can either download directly to iTunes or you can subscribe to items as podcasts. In addition, there are video files to be downloaded in addition to some documents. Most files you can download in a high or low quality if you have bandwith problems. To access this media go to the seminary website, look at the right hand column and click on iTunes U. You can also access it directly by clicking here. The links don’t always play nice with Firefox (they’re working on it) so I encourage you to use Safari (for those blessed with a mac) and IE for those who must trudge though life on a PC.

Here is what is currently available on iTunes:

  • Semcast: A dialogue between our President, the Rev. Dr. Dale Meyer and various professors and church men from around the world. Topics have included Old and New Testament perspectives on homosexuality, the Da Vinci Code, and Pastoral Formation.
  • Theological Symposium 2006: Files from our 2006 symposium that was centered around the topic of “Recapturing a Full-Bodied Theology of the Resurrection: Christ and Our’s.”
  • Lutheran Confessions: An Overview: This is an opportunity for a person to go through the Lutheran Confessions with Drs. Charles Arand and Robert Kolb.
  • Dellinger Lecture 2006: Cal Thomas was the presenter. Evaluate for yourself… I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet.
  • Convocation 2006: There is only one file up now… Dr. Charles Gieschen from Ft. Wayne presenting on “Antichrist: Has the Biblical Evidence Been Left Behind?” I’m sure more files will be posted as we have more convocations.
  • Chapel sermons: This is self-explanatory.

Professors have also begun using iTunes U for coursework. This also includes our Greek and Christian Doctrine pre-seminary courses. The current courses up on iTunes U include Hebrew Readings and Exodus and the Torah.

The final section of our iTunes U site is “Congregational Resources.” This section includes:

  • Lectionary at Lunch: A group of professors who go through the lectionary readings for the following week. Highly recommended.
  • Lay Bible Institute: Evaluate yourself. I haven’t checked this one out.
  • Hebrew Club: Evaluate yourself. I haven’t checked this one out.
  • Evangelism DVD Project: Evaluate yourself. I haven’t checked this one out.

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