Have you backed up your computer recently?

If you haven’t… you should. My fieldwork church recently lost a lot of date because they assumed things were being backed up automatically. Needless to say, they were not.

I recomend at least two layers of protection. First find a free (or cheap) online service. I use .Mac since I got it cheap with my computer. I sync all of my seminary files to this account. Even if my computer is completely shot, I can still get to these files using another computer. The other level of protection I recomend is burning DVDs/CDs. I burn one every few weeks of all my documents. Another thing I do is sync every so often to an external hard drive.

You might think that taking the time to back-up would be a hassle. The time spent know pales in comparision to the time it will cost you later to re-do documents and salvaging priceless pictures.


2 Responses

  1. Who is this guy?

    Ok, I have never met this guy, but he seems like a keeper.  I have spent two years banging my head against the wall trying to convince my church to get an automated backup solution.  I even bought the software and set it up but haven’t been abl…

  2. A RAID 1 array will do the same thing and as a bonus, it is automatic! RAID 1 arrays use two identical hard disk drives to mirror data, so that when bits are written to one disk, they are duplicated on the other disk. The result is that if one hard drive fails, the other works in its place, complete with all the data intact.

    Also, external hard drives are good for backups and much easier than burning DVDs.

    The most important files (like sem papers) are good to be burned to DVD and scattered about multiple locations. Attach one magnetically under your bumper, bury one in the corner of the park, tie two together with cable and use them as a scapular. Anything it takes to keep from losing them.

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