Happy E-Week

Happy Engineer’s Week!

Engineer’s Week has also held a special place in my heart. My mom has worked with engineers during all of her time at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She started at the research reactor (the largest university owned reactor in the country) and now works for the dean of engineering. Needless to say… I’ve spent a lot of time around engineers and considered engineering as a vocation at one point in high school. Being around campus for engineer’s week was always fun. The pranks were the best, sheep being let out in the ag school, giant walls being built randomly around campus, towers being erected, green snakes being hung in the law school… all in good fun of course.

Here is a great pic from campus. The reason MU has so much Thomas Jefferson stuff is because MU was the first land grant college west of the Mississippi, land that came to belong to the United States via the Louisiana Purchase.



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  1. Hahaha, oh I love Columbia, and I love Thomas Jefferson. That’s great.

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