Logos for the Mac

A theologian who is interested in using technology in his studies has three options, BibleWorks, Logos/Libronix, and for strictly Mac users, Accordance. Before the advent of Boot Camp and Parallels, Mac users were stuck with running a painfully slow program called VirtualPC in order to run windows programs. Now, with Parallels, Mac users can run windows programs side by side with their Apple native programs. This has opened the door for the use of BibleWorks and Logos.

The advantage (in my mind) of Logos over BibleWorks is that Logos not only gives superb language release, but also access to thousands of books in digital formal, including Luther’s Works, the Book of Concord in multiple translations,  numerous Biblical commentaries, and thousands more titles. The only thing that I would like to see is the Concordia Commentary produced by CPH converted to Libronix format along with issues of the Concordia Journal (St. Louis) and Concordia Theological Quarterly (Ft. Wayne).

Now a new day is dawning. Logos is preparing a Mac version of their incredible software. If you want to keep track of updates on this software development program head over the Logos site and sign up for updates.


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  1. Thanks for the kind words and the link, Sam!

    We’re very eager for the release of Logos for the Mac, too, and recently posted an update with a screenshot. Searching is now up and running—it feels good to be able to see more of the progress right there on the screen rather than buried “under the hood.” 🙂

    Daniel Foster
    Logos Bible Software

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