Would-be Teacher Denied Degree over ‘Drunken Pirate’ Photo


Do I have sympathy for this young lady? I feel sorry for her that she spent a great deal of time, money, and energy working towards a goal, but will now not achieve that goal. However, by her complaining and her sense of entitlement, my sympathy fades quickly. As a teacher education student at Seward I was constantly warned about things that could affect me remaining in the teacher education program or affect my future certification by the state. I knew that nothing was guaranteed. I know of students who failed at this and ultimately were denied their teaching degree or their state certification because of poor choices.

This lady has no room to complain. She knew the expectations placed on her and she failed. She not only failed, but she herself publicized the photos in question on her myspace page. Tough cookies. Kudos to the school for standing up to her and upholding high standards for teacher behavior.


5 Responses

  1. Arrrr…make her walk the plank! 🙂

  2. I have to say that I think she has a case. If having a drink makes one ineligible for certification, then we’d be missing out on some great teachers.

  3. The issue with her drinking is that she promoted it on a site acceptable to the public. Whenever the teachers at Baltimore Lutheran went out drinking together, we stayed away from places frequented by student and also conducted ourselves in a proper manner. If it went beyond that… we went to someone’s house. The big issue is not her drinking, but promoting it on a site. Also, it is apparent to me (you might disagree) that there were other issues that aren’t being discussed in the article.

  4. Well, if there were other issues the college shouldn’t be hiding those. I just looked at a sampling of pictures from facebook of myself. A good majority of them have me with drink in hand. Additionally to find out the day before commencement is pretty poor. Like you said, there might be something more going on. But it isn’t being disclosed and it makes the college look awfully arbitrary. Looking at the code itself, it is rather vague.

  5. One thing that many colleges are now talking about is future bosses are searching places like facebook and myspace to see what kind of person are you on your website. Parents, students, clients, other people who come into contact with you will search for you on google or these sites and may make a decision about if they want to do business with you or with the company or if they want you teaching their children. That is why you have to think about everything that goes on your website.

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