The phrase “hyper-euro” gets thrown around a lot by some conservatives in the synod. I’ve struggled in pinning down a legitimate definition of this phrase? Anyone care to give me their definition of this phrase means?


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  1. Sam, it is a phrase coined by Jack Cascione and repeated by only a very few handful of others and is foolish. There is no “legitimate” meaning to the term. It is a phrase used in considerable ignorance by those who throw it around.

  2. Rev. McCain,
    I can buy that. I figured that it coined by him… since he uses it quite often.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. It means that one holds to the doctrine of the ministry and the Sacraments as taught in our Lutheran Symbols, rather than the truncated view of the same that dates from late Lutheran orthodoxy.

  4. No, Pastor Weedon, it is a stupid term and to acknowledge is to give those using it a legitimacy they do not have, and thus it deserves no recognition. It is as foolish a term as some confessional Lutherans throw around, “bronze age.” Both terms of demeaning and are “throw away” lines intended simply to dismiss people out of hand, to slap a label on them and then to ignore people. I find all these stupid terms unacceptable in the church.

  5. I disagree with Rev. McCain in his asseessment of hyper-euro lutheran. It is not a made up term, it is real. I was a member of a church who called a Ft. Wayne seminary candidate. Within 3 months our church split and the damage done will take generations to heal. This pastor said he did not need elders, he wanted to be called “father”, and he beleived ordination is a sacrament. He consolidated our two adult bible classes into one because he felt he was the only one qualified to teach. (I could go on and on. I have also talked to other churches who have experienced same.) Rev. McCain, please do not dismiss it as a stupid term. It is real. I lived it and it destroys congregations. If the LCMS wants to treat hyper-eruo lutherans (sacerdotalism) as the elephant in the room then they will continue to scratch their heads and wonder why our synod looses 25,000 members a year.

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