Have to love mothers….

Okay… I know it is father’s day… but here is a post about my mom.

My mom enjoys trying to raise my blood pressure. She works for a very large state college and often gets “fun” e-mail announcements that are sent to faculty, staff, and students. One this week was advertising a book signing and Q&A with Dr. Amir Hussain, author of Little Mosque on the Prairie: Muslims in North America. A blurb about the book says,

“With keen insight and gentle understanding, (Hussain’s book) explores the differences between Christianity and Islam, as well as the many things these two enduring faith traditions hold in common … (It) invites the reader to a place of reconciliation,to a place where the truth and value of each of these great faith traditions can be recognized and honoured by the other.”

Yee-haw…. Also this week she sent me an e-mail from Lemstone Christian Books and Gifts with a subject line that was as follows: “My first Message…” It was all about the different versions of the “Message” translation of the Bible that are available. The “Message” is a paraphrase version that totally guts much of Holy Scripture.


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