Baptized like Jesus

Growing up in a small town in Central Missouri means most of my friends were Southern Baptist. Their classic line in attacking my Baptism was “you weren’t baptized like Jesus was.” They meant I wasn’t baptized as an adult and I was not immersed. Thankfully, I had a good head on my shoulder and didn’t strangle them. My pastor had also faced this issue with some of the local baptist clergy.

Our answer was, “Oh… wonderful… you were baptized like Jesus? I bet that was some trip to the Jordan River. Wow, it must have been cool when the Holy Spirit descended on you in the form of a dove. Wow… John the Baptist baptized you… cool… Any you were sinless when you were baptized? Awesome.

The silence from them was golden….


2 Responses

  1. Don’t be surprised if someone replies they actually had a vial of Jordan River water put into the “tank” of water at their baptism.

    I know of one baptism where a family put a vial of Jordan River water into a swimming pool so the baptism could be more faithful to the way our Lord was baptized.

    When you run things by the Law….

  2. Wow… that is interesting. I’ll give them some more credit when I see a dove and hear a voice….

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