Harry Potter Rant

If I hear one more person say that “Harry Potter is satanic” or “Harry Potter is evil” I’m going to snap. I had a old guy say it that to me tonight. He hadn’t read the books. He hadn’t seen the movies. Someone told him they were satanic and evil. If you haven’t read them…. shut up! If you have read them and think they are crap or that they are satanic you have a right to your opinion. I might think your opinion is crap… but that is another story.

Rant off….


3 Responses

  1. I agree with you totally! I for one enjoy Harry Potter a lot and will be reading the seventh on July 21st!

  2. I stayed away from the Potter books and films for some time, in part because of the bad press they got along these lines. Then when the third film was in theaters, I took the time to watch the first film on the hotel TV at a conference I was at. Halfway through the film I called my wife and told her, “We have to own this movie! This is great! It’s not about witchcraft or the occult. It’s about friendship, loyalty, and noble self-sacrifice.” I own every book and film issued to date.

  3. “It’s about friendship, loyalty, and noble self-sacrifice.”
    See, that right there is enough to make me not want to watch a Harry Potter movie again (I have seen the first and second) or actually read the books ever. I don’t want stories about that, I want randomass crazy.

    Rando-Mass, for when church just gets boring.

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