Random Post: Mountain Dew

Okay… I promise I’ll post something theological sometime in the near future. Probably. Classes and work have kept me busy so I’m looking forward to a break.

Reason for this random post: Mountain Dew

In college I drank an obscene about of this delicious drink. One time my roommate and I drank a 24-pack in two days. Yeah… that much. My wife always laughs about one story I tell. I drove to Wisconsin (from Seward) with some friends at the spur of the moment. Because we had some obligations Sunday morning we drove back Saturday night/Sunday morning. I walked into my room at 3:00 a.m. with my roommate and some high school students we were hosting still up, playing video games. I reached in the fridge, grabbed a dew, drank it in one gulp, and went right to bed. At that point, I was drinking it for the taste, the caffeine had no effect on me.

Random post done….


2 Responses

  1. It is a glorious drink

  2. I refer to it as the “elixir of life.” I thought I read in Revelation that it will be the drink of choice on the new earth, but that may have been exegetical license on my part.:-)

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