Modern Heresy

It is widely reported that Arius wrote hymns containing his heretical theology. This allowed his doctrines to spread easily and quickly.

Now for a modern day heresy (not a new heresy… just a new heretical song):


Waiting for Leopard


I got the t-shirt but not the OS. I went to the local Apple store tonight with a friend. We were in the first 500 so I got the shirt. My guestimate is that there were probably about 300 people there total. My copy of Leopard is in the mail. I recently got a new iMac for my wife to use… okay… I’ll admit… I’ll be using it a lot too. We took advantage of the $10 upgrade.

I’m going to wait to upgrade my MacBook until I can visit my family in central Missouri and swing by the bookstore at the University of Missouri where I can get a very low-priced copy of OS 10.5 Leopard.

If you have it already… enjoy! I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to play.

Hymn Scripture Reference

Has anyone else noticed that in Lutheran Service Book (LSB) the reference to the Apocrypha was removed from the hymn, Now Thank We All Our God (LSB: 895, TLH: 36).

In The Lutheran Hymnal the scripture reference given is Ecclesiasticus 50:2: “Now therefore bless ye the God of all, which only doeth wondrous things everywhere, which exalteth our days to His mercy. He grant us joyfulness of heart, and that peace may be in our days in Israel forever: that he would confirm his mercy with us, and deliver us at his time!”

However, it appears those that worked on the hymnody for LSB dropped the Apocrypha for references such as Psalm 107:21-22, Ephesians 5:19; Psalm 105:1-2, and Psalm 37:5-6, 39-40. My question is… why drop the reference? Anybody have any answers…. aside from what some will say… “too Catholic.”

Crummy Church Signs Book Release Party!

Today a new book releases from!  It is entitled Crummy Church Signs Volume 1 (2004 – 2007).  Taken as a “Best of…” from the popular Crummy Church Signs website, this book includes pictures of some of the worst church signs you’ll ever see (poor grammar, bad theology, silly jokes, etc) along with the author’s hilariously snarky commentary!

The best part is…I’m in the book!   A picture/review I submitted was used in the book, so if the side-splitting content isn’t enough to convince you to buy a copy, perhaps the inclusion of yours truly will tip the scales for you.

For a limited time only, the book is $10.99 with free shipping, and the author will autograph it!  After Nov. 6, the price will rise to $12.99 plus shipping (and no autograph), so be sure to place your order now.  VISIT THE HUMOR-BLOGS.COM STORE NOW and place your order!  The book is 178 coffee-table sized pages, and contains church signs from over 35 states and several different countries.  In case my word isn’t enough, see what these other folks have said about Crummy Church Signs:

“There’s an enormous amount of amusing material in there” –

“Seriously, I think Crummy Church Signs has the highest laugh-to-word-count ratio of any site I’ve come across” -Diesel from Mattress Police, author of Antisocial Commentary

“…try not to laugh until you cry.” – Ironic Catholic

“Whenever I am tempted towards the cute in formulating a message for our church sign, I find myself asking ” What Would Joel Say?”  His blog provides great entertainment, but more importantly it provides a reminder that the message is an important one.”  – Rev. Wes Kenney

The author, Joel Bezaire, is also donating ALL of his proceeds to Compassion, a charitable organization that places underpriveleged kids with sponsors around the world.   So not only will you enjoy the book, some of that money is going to a great cause!

Buy the book!
  Visit the website!

I was on Issues, etc…. kinda

When Rev. Todd Wilken presented a sectional at the Concordia Seminary symposium I had the opportunity to speak with him afterwards regarding his 3-part sermon diagnostic (I’ll add the parts in here later). I used it on student teaching in the spring of 2006 to talk to my seniors about “what to look for in a church” when they go off to college. I couldn’t just say “go find a Lutheran church” since most of my students (90% roughly) were not of the Lutheran faith. I went through the diagnostic and talked to them about music in the Church, true Christian preaching, the Sacraments (for example… you want a personal Lord and Savior? How about receiving in your mouth the very body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ… now that is personal!).

This all led to very interesting discussions and debates. Some students realized that what they were listening to on the radio and on television isn’t honestly Christian. One student got all worked up when I criticized Joel Osteen. I said, go home, watch a broadcast, and tell me how much he talks about Jesus and how he talks about Jesus. Is Jesus portrayed as a way to help you lead your life or is he the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world?

I’m trying to catch up on Issues, etc. podcasts and I was listening to a sermon review of Dr. Adams that was done in September. As I’m listening Rev. Wilken mentions our conversation! He messed up the story a bit, but oh well. He was a busy guy that day.

If you want to listen to the sermon review… just go here. It is a great sermon…. enjoy!

Idiocy in St. Louis

The City of St. Louis has been embroiled in a bitter debate about the status of the fire department. The former (as of yesteday) Chief of the Fire Department refused to promote a number of firefighters to senior leadership positions because he felt that the test that they took was “biased against African-Americans.” A federal court ruled against the firefighters that made this claim. However, the chief refused to make the promotions even under pressure of the mayor’s office.

The chief got demoted and a new acting chief was named. Today, five new battalion chiefs were named. The Post-Dispatch points out that they were the top scorers on the exam that was called “unfair” ans “biased.” The irony is that out of this group…. two are African-American, one is the first woman battalion chief, and the other two are white. Seems racist to me.

What truly bothers me is the claims made by the former fire chief… that he alone gets to make decisions regarding promotions. He has a boss, just as everyone else does. The mayor told him to do something. He should have done it. The courts told him he was wrong. What also bothers me is that the top-scoring candidate said that he didn’t think the test was equitable. How… I’ve yet to hear a valid argument as to why these tests are “racist” and “unfair.” Also what bothers me is that in St. Louis city there are two fire-department unions… one for blacks and one for whites. How is this possible??? I personally have problems with labor unions as a whole…. but this goes waaayyy beyond a problem with the concept of labor unions. Something needs to change.

St. Louis Post Article