Idiocy in St. Louis

The City of St. Louis has been embroiled in a bitter debate about the status of the fire department. The former (as of yesteday) Chief of the Fire Department refused to promote a number of firefighters to senior leadership positions because he felt that the test that they took was “biased against African-Americans.” A federal court ruled against the firefighters that made this claim. However, the chief refused to make the promotions even under pressure of the mayor’s office.

The chief got demoted and a new acting chief was named. Today, five new battalion chiefs were named. The Post-Dispatch points out that they were the top scorers on the exam that was called “unfair” ans “biased.” The irony is that out of this group…. two are African-American, one is the first woman battalion chief, and the other two are white. Seems racist to me.

What truly bothers me is the claims made by the former fire chief… that he alone gets to make decisions regarding promotions. He has a boss, just as everyone else does. The mayor told him to do something. He should have done it. The courts told him he was wrong. What also bothers me is that the top-scoring candidate said that he didn’t think the test was equitable. How… I’ve yet to hear a valid argument as to why these tests are “racist” and “unfair.” Also what bothers me is that in St. Louis city there are two fire-department unions… one for blacks and one for whites. How is this possible??? I personally have problems with labor unions as a whole…. but this goes waaayyy beyond a problem with the concept of labor unions. Something needs to change.

St. Louis Post Article 


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