I was on Issues, etc…. kinda

When Rev. Todd Wilken presented a sectional at the Concordia Seminary symposium I had the opportunity to speak with him afterwards regarding his 3-part sermon diagnostic (I’ll add the parts in here later). I used it on student teaching in the spring of 2006 to talk to my seniors about “what to look for in a church” when they go off to college. I couldn’t just say “go find a Lutheran church” since most of my students (90% roughly) were not of the Lutheran faith. I went through the diagnostic and talked to them about music in the Church, true Christian preaching, the Sacraments (for example… you want a personal Lord and Savior? How about receiving in your mouth the very body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ… now that is personal!).

This all led to very interesting discussions and debates. Some students realized that what they were listening to on the radio and on television isn’t honestly Christian. One student got all worked up when I criticized Joel Osteen. I said, go home, watch a broadcast, and tell me how much he talks about Jesus and how he talks about Jesus. Is Jesus portrayed as a way to help you lead your life or is he the lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world?

I’m trying to catch up on Issues, etc. podcasts and I was listening to a sermon review of Dr. Adams that was done in September. As I’m listening Rev. Wilken mentions our conversation! He messed up the story a bit, but oh well. He was a busy guy that day.

If you want to listen to the sermon review… just go here. It is a great sermon…. enjoy!


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