Modern Heresy

It is widely reported that Arius wrote hymns containing his heretical theology. This allowed his doctrines to spread easily and quickly.

Now for a modern day heresy (not a new heresy… just a new heretical song):


5 Responses

  1. These are not Arians, these are Modalist (I think). Probably Oneness Pentecostals, right?


  2. Oh, sorry…. I wasn’t implying that they were Arians… just that heresies, when attached to songs, are quite catchy.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Sam,

    Absolutely, man that song is so foot stomping and it does linger in your head I had to stop it after a while as the heresy is just so potent. It sings of hatred for the Trinity. I have not come across such a thing.

    God bless your blogging.


  4. Honestly, I can’t even listen to it. It’s annoying. And I’m not exactly a religious folk, if not atheist then very agnostic, the music itself just grates on my nerves.

  5. Nice seeing you today at the warehouse sale!

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