Earthquake – St. Louis

We have a joke with our neighbor that whenever we leave town something bad happens (power outages, floods, windstorms, trees falling, etc.). Well now she is out of town and we have an earthquake. Thanks Sue.

Lisa woke me up at 4:36 a.m. with the cry, “The house is shaking.” To be honest… my level of caring at that time is next to none. This she realized in the winter storm of 2006 when I refused to go outside and check on things when a limb hit an awning and made a lot of noise. I guess I’m a bad husband. I suggested that it was an earthquake and sure enough… the USGS (United States Geological Survey) website has this event listed as a 5.4 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter in southeastern Illinois. 

Now I want to go back to bed but we are watching the news broadcasts of the event


Desk of a seminarian

Some time ago Pastor Weedon posted some nice pictures of his study. However, being the seminarian that I am… I don’t have a study. I have a computer desk that I share with my wife, a kitchen table, and a study carol (which I am eternally thankful for). My wife tolerates my organizational method… stacks of books. An example follows. I’m not sure exactly how many books are stacked on there… but I know at least one English Bible, a Biblia Hebraica, three volumes of Pieper, two Hebrew grammars, and probably 50 pages of copies. Oh… and some Luther!