Desk of a seminarian

Some time ago Pastor Weedon posted some nice pictures of his study. However, being the seminarian that I am… I don’t have a study. I have a computer desk that I share with my wife, a kitchen table, and a study carol (which I am eternally thankful for). My wife tolerates my organizational method… stacks of books. An example follows. I’m not sure exactly how many books are stacked on there… but I know at least one English Bible, a Biblia Hebraica, three volumes of Pieper, two Hebrew grammars, and probably 50 pages of copies. Oh… and some Luther!



3 Responses

  1. And an Apple laptop it looks like.

  2. is your study area in a shower?

  3. Diane,
    Yes it is an apple laptop. The way it should be!!!

    It would make things more convenient.

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