I miss my metro

Gas prices drive Geos from clunkers to chic

I do really miss my 1994 Geo Metro. I learned to drive a stick shift in that car when I was in middle school and continued driving that car all through high school. It was quite normal for me to put gas in it ever 3-4 weeks. My gas mileage averaged around 45-50 miles per gallon… it peaked at 52. Now certainly it didn’t have much power, it only had three cylinders. However, it was the perfect car for a young guy who had a lead foot. People often said it was unsafe… guess what… the car was actually built like a tank. It was knocked around, driven on gravel roads every day that it was owned by family family (12 years), hit by two dear, and it kept on trucking along. On a side note… I did once race a thunderbird… and won. They underestimated how hard I would push that car, especially off the line. When my family finally got rid of it…. it had over 185,000 miles on it… and it is still running.

My plymouth neon does get good mileage… but nothing else compares to my metro. I’m tired of all the hippies who brag about their car that is so fuel efficient… getting 35 miles to the gallon. My old metro may have been the “egg mobile” but it could kick your car’s butt.


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  1. So how’d your sermon go?

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