One of the more humorous parts about being a seminary student is how quickly we can turn on each other.

One example: During Confessions II today, where we are discussing the Formula, my very good friend asks a question about the Two Nature’s of Christ. In the process of asking a hypothetical question, he clearly stated a heresy from the early church (or a combination of two ancient heresies). While we knew what he was asking about and we knew he did not subscribe to that heresy, we of course turned on him like a pack of wolves. In fact, you could probably hear in the background students gathering wood and a torch to burn him. The worst thing is when you are the one talking and you realize that you are going to spout heresy… but it’s too late to stop. You just prepare to be pummeled.


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  1. That is why I always write out my sermons, and try to preach them word for word. Last Trinity Sunday, I deviated from my manuscript, and pretty soon I was saying something like, “We confess that there are three Gods in One person.” Oops!

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