Night number whenever

In my previous post I said that my grandpa was doing 100% better. He slipped some on Monday. He was diagnosed with a very serious blood infection on Monday and they also said he seems to have had a series of mini-strokes (they aren’t really a worry for us right now). He is still battling pneomonia. On Monday he also pulled out his feeding tube and got pretty fiesty with a nurse over putting it back in. Currently he’s without a tube. Tomorrow they may put in a “peg tube” in his side. They are also going to reevaluate his condition to determine if they can do surgery on a sore that is probably causing the blood infection. That surgery was supposed to happen today , but he was too unstable this morning.

He hasn’t been alone since he came in last week. Mom and I have been here together each night since Sunday. They got us a room down the hall a couple of nights ago which has been a true godsend. This will be my fifth night at the hospital since last week.

Please continue to keep my grandfather Elvis (or Harvey) in your prayers in this difficult time.


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