Funeral Post…

My grandfather, Elvis “Harvey” McBride, passed away on Monday, August 11, at St. Mary’s Health Center in Jefferson City with his daughter (my mom) at his side.

We were spared having to make some awful decisions about further care (essentially hospice). His doctors and nurses were wonderful. My pastor provided wonderful pastoral care for both my grandfather and for my family.

The visitation was on Wednesday and the funeral was on Thursday. This was a very emotional time for me and for my mom (since we are both “lonely only’s”). We heard a wonderful Christ-centered, Cross-focused message from my pastor at the funeral. Grandpa’s pallbearers were five of his great-nephews and my best friend since preschool who golfed with grandpa and me (when Elliott visited grandpa in the hospital… grandpa told him to keep hitting it up the middle).

The graveside service was especially emotional. It was rainy pretty hard and we had military honors. Two young sailors folded the flag and gave it to my grandma. Then came taps and the gun-salute.

The funeral dinner hosted by the women’s groups from St. Paul’s was as “fun” as it could be on a really rough day. We enjoyed seeing family and friends, telling stories about grandpa, and rejoicing in the hope that we through Jesus’ death on the cross.


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  1. Samwise,

    I’m so sorry to hear your loss. May the Lord who collect our tears in a bottle transform your sorrow into joy in His perfect time! Much love.

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