Amish Annoyance

If you know me pretty well… you know that I have an unusual dislike… the amish.

This has all developed within the last four years or so. Where I grew up we have always had both Mennonites and Amish living in the general area. I think the Mennonites are wonderful, neighborly, and hardworking folks. The amish were never a problem until they moved about two miles away.

The have their buggies on the rode after dark nearly causing a bunch of accidents (at least three close calls in my family alone). They don’t understand the concept of private property (they’ve been in our fields at least two times). This has caused us to have to put up a new gate. Even more disturbing is that parts on people’s equipment comes up “missing” after the Amish have a problem with their equipment.

My biggest annoyance… their hypocrisy. Take this article from Fox News. What do the amish do… they get “taxi drivers.” If they can’t own a car or drive one… how is that they can ride in one? In the same light… how is that they can pay someone to do their cattle hauling? Or even more annoying… come to your house and ask to use your phone?

I’m going to spend some time helping out my mom and grandma for the next couple of days. I’m expecting the Amish to show up and ask to buy some property or equipment. Hopefully their buggy can go back down the hill quick because if it doesn’t my grandma has already said she’ll call the sheriff to arrest them for trespassing. 

Now I just need to go find some friendly, fresh, home-cooked Mennonite cooking…


2 Responses

  1. […] sure how to interact with them?  Buy their food.  Close your gates. Stop running your cars into their buggies.  Maybe spend the night with them. Approach slowly. […]

  2. Is the menno roundup thing suggesting sex with amish people? Surely there’s a law against it

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