Remembering Collective Shame

Remembering Collective Shame

I would encourage you to check out the above link to go to an article by Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto.

I’m a history student and the above article hits home. Why did Hitler rise to power? It was because of a poor economy and national shame after World War I. The people wanted the hope and change that Hitler offered, even ignoring his clear anti-semitism. What is Obama campaigning on? Hope, Change, and the economy. Millions are ignoring the fact that a vote for Obama is a vote for death. Obama has been an accomplice to the murder of millions of children. 

Kyrie Eleison


2 Responses

  1. His article is a very powerful one. When one pairs that with the book “Modern Fascim” by Dr. Gene Veith, one can really see the connection between abortion and the holocaust; even if many don’t wish to see a connection.

  2. Yes, the only difference between Obama and Hitler is the moustache.

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