Organizing Photos

With the advent of digital cameras came the big issue of photo management. I currently use iPhoto 08 to organize my photos (between two libraries I have around 13,000 photos). It does an awesome job of organizing by date and by event. However, I’m currently looking for a way to organize family photographs. I’m thinking Aperture from Apple might help. My need is something to allow me to “tag” photos with different family members’ names. 

Anybody out there use aperture?


BTW… those 13,000 photos… probably 3,000-4,000 are from a band trip where I collected everyone’s pictures after we returned.


3 Responses

  1. iPhone will crawl with that many photos. Aperture is slow too but much better at organizing. My modest library of 20k is zippy but that might just be the Mac Pro speaking.

  2. I used Picasa, which worked quite well for me.

  3. Aperture has a fully customizable tagging system. However you want to create it, Aperture will support it. You can also export/import your keywords list. With that many photos, I would recommend that you create a separate Aperture Library for your family.

    Ni Ki Cruz Photography

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