Other World Computing Recommendation

Some time ago I was in the market for a computer program and I happened upon Small Dog Electronics out of Vermont. They had a great deal on what I was looking for and I went ahead and placed my order. In conversation with one of the full-time library staff members I was told to check out Small Dog’s “Charity Page” on their website. Absolutely Horrible! They support planned parenthood which instantly knocks them off my shopping list. Needless to say that I canceled my order that afternoon.

It was then that I found an excellent mac accessories and parts dealer out of Illinois… Other World Computing. The best deals you can find there are probably in the memory section. As Pr. McCain wisely points out you can never have too much memory. The prices at OWC are always competative and they have a great return/warrenty policy. I’ve purchased two memory upgrades from them, one external HD enclosure, and one hard drive.

If you want to purchase some quality products this is the place to go!


3 Responses

  1. Agreed. I have many years of mac specific gadget buying from these folks. +10

  2. Other World Computing is great! But so is Small Dog. I wonder if you actually know what Planned Parenthood does to warrent your response. Even if you are against the legal right to abortion, Planned Parenthood offers a range of services that help prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as pre-natal care and health services for pregnant women.

  3. I do know that Planned Parenthood offers other services, but that doesn’t matter. They promote and provide services for the murder of infants. That ends the debate for me. Period. Any money that goes to planned parenthood is soiled by their hatred of life.

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