All You Have To Do Is Ask

When I graduated from high school I had a member of my church who also wrote for the local weekly paper come up to me and tell me that a number of people in the community were upset with me. I was surprised and asked, “Why?” Apparently they were upset about the amount of scholarships and grants that I received at my high school’s awards assembly.

After my trip to the carrier last summer, a number of people (a little grumpily) asked, “How?” 

Check out this brief blurb in a newspaper from Jefferson City (close to my hometown), especially note the comments. In the comments you have an anonymous individual bashing the subject of the article and claiming that he shouldn’t be working for the Sheriff’s department because he’s sure there is a younger person who needs the job more.

What a load of bunk. This is exactly the same crap that I had to deal with. How did I get to go on the carrier? My mom and I asked the right questions at the right time. If we wouldn’t have asked I never would have got to go. How did I get so many scholarships and grants? I applied for every single scholarship and grant that I was eligible for and even applied on some that I wasn’t even sure I was eligible for. I let the committees decide. How did that guy get the job? He applied and went to school. Just because there are people who might want to get into law enforcement, doesn’t mean they should get the job on a “want.” They actually have to do something. The guy, while older, jumped at the opportunity and went for it. Cry me a river if you think he’s “too old” and cry me a river if you complain about what other people get when you didn’t try for it.


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  1. I (mis)quote the Princess Bride, “Life is not fair. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something.” Who says jobs and scholarships MUST be divided equitably? You snooze, you lose. You didn’t snooze, you asked the right questions, you received. Let complainers take heed: put your efforts into asking the right questions–you won’t need to complain as much.

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