What does a seminarian/vicar listen to?

Ever wonder what a seminarian listens to on his iPod?

Here is your chance to find out!

I actually use my iPod for a number of things. I do watch movies and tv shows on it occasionally, especially on trips. I wasn’t sure if I would like the small screen, but I’m sold on it now. I also listen to my CDs that I’ve put on it over the years: rock, alternative, rap, classical, comedy, R&B, movie soundtracks, to name a few of the genres. The only thing not represented: country. Sorry… I can’t listen to it. My wife can, but I can’t handle it.

The other big use for my iPod is for podcasts. Here are the podcasts that I currently listen to (by category) with a few notes:



  • Car Talk. My mom and I would often listen to NPR’s Car Talk while driving home from church. When it came out as a podcast… who could resist? Lisa and I normally save up episodes and listen to them on trips. Yes… we have listened to five straight hours of Click and Clack.
  • USGS Corecast. This is a rather new edition that was added to my podcast feeds after the small earthquake that happened last spring in St. Louis. While surfing the USGS website I found the podcast. Very understandable and reasonably short.
  • PotterCast
  • MuggleCast.


Now please don’t think that I listen to every episode of all of these podcasts. Many sit in my iTunes directory for a while only to have me delete them…. that is especially true for the Harry Potter and the technology podcasts.


It is finished

I just finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All I will say for the time being is that this was a masterful book with brilliant plot and character development.

Okay, I must pass the book off to my wife now. I want to talk about the book with her, but she will kill me if I spill the beans.

Harry Potter Rant

If I hear one more person say that “Harry Potter is satanic” or “Harry Potter is evil” I’m going to snap. I had a old guy say it that to me tonight. He hadn’t read the books. He hadn’t seen the movies. Someone told him they were satanic and evil. If you haven’t read them…. shut up! If you have read them and think they are crap or that they are satanic you have a right to your opinion. I might think your opinion is crap… but that is another story.

Rant off….

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Book seven comes out on July 21, 2007! That means I will be in light before midnight on the 20th. I did the whole line thing for book five, but gave up on it for book six. I was at camp when book five came out so it took me a few days to finish it. Book six I finished after reading for 13 straight hours (with breaks for the necessities). I’m hoping to clean up a major paper that I wrote in college regarding book banning and Harry Potter. I’d like to add to it by responding to some of the charges made against the book by Christians and also provide a good resource list on the book.