My Views on Gun Control


Gun Control

If you haven’t figured it out already… I’m very conservative. Gun control is an issue near and dear to my heart. I learned to shoot when I was quite little and have always had guns around the house since I grew up in the country. 

While I don’t yet have a conceal and carry permit, I plan on getting one. I followed the D.C. gun-law supreme court case with great interest naturally. I’m amazed at the complete idiocy of the council-members, mayors, and gun-control advocates who argued for the ban (now ruled unconstitutional). They argued that the removal of the ban will cause gun crimes to rise. Prove it to me. D.C. has had a gun ban in place for years and their crime rate is terrible. Chicago and some of the suburbs have tough gun bans, but they still have high crime rates. Today (if I heard on NPR correctly) a Florida law is going into effect that allows employees to exercise their right to bear arms by keeping a gun in their vehicle while they are at work. Of course, liberals are crying out that this will lead to more gun violence. Wrong. 

People who legally carry guns are not the issue. Gun violence hasn’t gone up in states that have conceal and carry laws. We simply need to make sure criminals don’t have guns. So what if your employees legally have guns in their car. A gun law isn’t going to stop ANYONE from bringing a gun into the workplace.

Remember folks, gun control means using both hands.